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DancE ClasseS

The goal of our dance program is to encourage individuality, creativity and a love of dance. Our program focuses on building strong technique as a foundation for becoming a well-rounded dancer who is proficient in various styles.

The majority of our dance classes are offered as part of our "Full Year," 35-week program. This concludes with an end-of-the-year recital as an opportunity for dancers to showcase what they have learned throughout the year.

We do offer a few classes as "Session Only" that coincide with the fall, winter, spring and summer seasons. 

Check out below for descriptions on all of our class offerings. We're sure you will find something fun 'n rewarding!

  • BROADWAY BABIES     (ages 2-3)
    A “Mommy & Me” class designed to introduce our tiniest dancers to the concepts of tap, ballet and song and dance. Basic pre-tap and pre-ballet skills and terminology will be introduced. A blend of creative movement and the use of props, stories and songs make this a fun and rewarding experience for child and caregiver. 

    Arts 'n Motion is now an official Angelina Ballerina Dance Academy! Angelina Ballerina Dance Academy classes are taught through a nationwide network of top quality dance studios. Your child will receive a quality dance education in acaringand fun environment, all based on the beloved Angelina Ballerina character.

    The Angelina Ballerina Dance Academy curriculum is designed by internationally renowned master teachers and child development experts. Your child will be inspired to pursue their dreams of dance ... just like Angelina Ballerina!
angelina ballerina dance at Arts n Motion
  • TAP 'n TWIRL     (ages 4-5)
    A combination beginning tap and ballet class for dancers ready to move on their own. Beginning tap and ballet skills and terminology are taught with an emphasis on coordination and musicality. Props and dramatic play help to bring out a dancer’s creative expression.

    Physical discipline, body awareness and postural control form the basis of our ballet program. Technique and terminology are stresses, with a focus on body placement, flexibility, balance, alignment, strength and technique.

    A fusion of high-energy dance styles allowing dancers to groove to the beats of today’s popular (yet appropriate) music.

  • DANCE JAM BOYZ     (ages 5 - 8)
    A class just for boys focusing on Hip Hop skills. This is a high-energy class incorporating everything "boys," allowing them to feel confident and comfortable in the classroom.

 Arts n Motion
Arts n motion
  • COMBO CLASSES     (ages 5-15)
    Dancers will enjoy extending their knowledge of tap, ballet and jazz through this combination class. The length of class time increases as the dancer progresses in age, interest, vocabulary and ability:
    Primary Combo I    (ages 5-7)                         
    Primary Combo II    (ages 6-9)
    Primary Combo III    (ages 7-10)                    
    Intermediate Combo    (ages 8-11)  
    Dance For Teens    (ages 11-15) 

    Elements of jazz and ballet technique are used in this popular dance form to strengthen the core and work on body alignment and flexibility. Incorporates improvisation and free expression to contemporary music. Ballet experience is recommended for this class.

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